About Us

At Xovec Global Solutions our goal is simple; we help companies reach their talent objectives by transforming the way they think about the recruitment function. No matter your talent needs, we can help: We’ve pinpointed the most experienced candidates for hard-to-fill C-suite positions and hired thousands of immediate-need employees within a short span of time. To date, we support clients in more than 20 countries, matching our great people with businesses seeking to optimise their permanent and contingent workforce.

We deliver scalable, flexible and customised solutions, shaped around your unique business requirements and culture. We develop innovative tools, products and processes that deliver the results you need.

Our passion for talent is the driving force behind everything we do. We live to match exceptional organisations with outstanding people. By creating a culture devoted to great talent, we can deliver client-focused solutions that make a difference for your business.



There are a lot of companies that focus on talent solutions, but we’re different. We know you’re looking for more than filled seats, and that’s why we offer the industry’s most comprehensive and flexible talent solutions — and take a proactive approach. As a result, you’ll hire people that excel at their jobs and align with your corporate culture, leading to an innovative and cutting-edge company.